Navigating Business Reality: The Transformative Power of Entrepreneur Academy

Starting a business is more than just mastering your trade. When I (Amanda Mayer) launched Sunkissed Moments for the second time, I was all too aware of the gaps in my knowledge about actually running a business. That’s where Entrepreneur Academy (EA) came in—a game-changer recommended to me by my Mother-in-Law.

The price tag initially had me hesitant. After all, starting a business doesn’t come cheap. But investing in EA has proven invaluable. Back in 2019, the course lasted 10 weeks and provided a comprehensive binder of resources that I still keep on my shelf. Today, it’s an 8-week in-person course, refined and more focused than before.

Yet, it’s not just the coursework that has had a lasting impact—it’s the community. Entrepreneurship often feels like a solitary journey, but with EA, I’ve found my tribe. We support each other, exchange valuable insights, and understand the unique challenges each of us faces.

After graduating, the support continues through monthly EA Alumni Meetings, a continuing testament to the program’s quality. The relationships I’ve built there are not just professional contacts; they’re lifelong friends.

This journey has led me to become a 1 Million Cups Organizer and has given me the opportunity to pitch my own business. I’ve even enrolled in the Goal Achievement Program (GAP) two summers in a row. The return on investment is immeasurable and ongoing.

The bottom line? Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonely road. With the right community and resources, like those I’ve found through EA, it becomes a shared journey of mutual growth and success. What you put into it, you get out manifold—financially and emotionally. Take it from someone who was unsure at first; the investment is worth it!